How Does a 1800 Number Service Establish Credibility?

Companies Build Better Brands with 1800 Number Service

The question of credibility often comes up when discussing a business’s reputation, but what are some of the factors that lead to credibility? Presence, for one, is a perceived indicator. Having a 1800 number extends a business’s presence in places it hadn’t been before.

But just because a product is more visible than another certainly doesn’t make it a better-made product.. What about the businesses that have a great product, but not the same presence as their bigger, better-funded competitors? Extending the effect of a company and its product is no longer impossible, meaning smaller businesses can compete for a base that they hadn’t been able to compete for before.

The utilization of such broad-reaching tools as toll-free numbers or international numbers does more for credibility than virtually any other advertising tool. Entrepreneurs, small companies, and large corporations have more opportunities than ever before to compete in new markets. Size and location matter less to customers who are looking for products, services, prices, and fulfillment methods that meet their needs. Toll-free number service can help a business demonstrate to a potential customer that it is credible and will make it easy to do business. Intrinsically, 1800 number service can enable a company to present itself either as a national or international brand.

Once a company activates a 1800 number, it will want to maximize its investment by placing the phone number in all marketing, sales, and promotional activities, including websites and online ads, billboards, and other signage. Trade show booths, radio and TV spots, brochures and catalogs, sales sheets, vehicle wraps, emails and eNewsletters, even social media present the perfect opportunity to get the message out.

How to Use 1800 number Service for Toll Free Forwarding

Companies can use toll-free number service to help them forward customer phone calls to an alternate location, including customer care/sales center, business HQ, home office line, or even a mobile device. It’s easy to activate toll-free number service and many companies look for ways to integrate a 1800 number into their customer care, marketing, and sales operations. There are number of cool additional features, like hosted PBX, SIP (VoIP) forwarding, failover routing, and fax and voicemail to email, make maintaining a toll-free line hassle-free.