1800 Number

Smart Businesses Dial up Success with a Smart 1800 Number

Size doesn’t always matter when it comes to business. Companies ranging from entrepreneurial startups to large multinational corporations can use a1800 number to expand their presence. The advantages for a small business include availability in more than one location. For larger companies, utilizing a 1800 number not only can lead to increased sales, but they can also use it as a virtual phone number to centralize call center activities for additional cost savings. Smart local and toll free numbers can also be connected to features such as day/time routing, voicemail and fax to email, PSTN failover routing, and sequential and simultaneous ringing.

1800 Number by the Numbers

The 1800 number was the only option for a toll free number until 1996, when the prefix 1888 also became available for businesses. Other prefixes now being used for toll free calls include 1855, 1866, and 1877. This 1800 number service is sometimes called freephone or freecall in other countries, and other prefixes may also be used than the ones available in the United States. Many companies looking to create a brand in multiple locales often take advantage of a 1800 virtual phone number to provide a national or international brand presence, and to be competitive with other companies.

How the 1800 Number Came to Be So Popular

When the 1800 number was first launched in the United States by AT&T in 1967 no one knew the impact that it would have on businesses worldwide. Initially, the 1800 number was developed to help offload the amount of collect calls that operators had to field, and the cost of using it was too high for most businesses. A few companies that focused on extensive catalog sales or direct response took advantage of a toll free number. It wasn’t until the deregulation of AT&T in 1984 that companies began utilizing the 1800 number throughout marketing, advertising, and promotional activities. Uses now include television infomercials, radio jingles, sales sheets, billboards, and websites.

1800 Number Tips & Tricks

When companies activate a toll free local or international phone number they often make sure that the digits include a vanity spelling or digits that are easy to remember. When a business links a 1800 number to its name, tagline or brand, customers begin to associate the number with the company itself. Also, consistency is important. Many businesses use a 1800 number for all online, on-air, and print calls to action. They can even use more than one 1800 number in order to track separate marketing campaigns over time to see which one is more effective.

How to Get a 1800 Number

A business can get a 1800 number from any of a number of providers. When looking at 1800 number providers, it’s important to look not only at inventory of 1800 numbers and price, but also customer service and other supporting features the provider may offer. The best 1800 number providers can connect your 1800 phone number to features such as advanced call forwarding, hosted PBX, virtual fax, online call management tools and more.