1800 Numbers

Basic Facts about 1800 Numbers

Toll free numbers aren’t always 1800 numbers. In the United States, they also have made other toll free number types available, including 1855, 1866, 1877, and 1888. In other countries, they sometime use other prefixes or even refer to a toll free number by the terms freecall or freephone. No matter what it’s called, it means that a potential customer has to pay absolutely nothing to call a company. Toll free or 1800 numbers are used primarily by businesses to drive an increase in direct response advertising and promotions. 1800 numbers can help assist in brand building efforts with the usage of a vanity spelling or phoneword that links to the company name or marketing efforts.

1800 Numbers: The Benefits

Activating a 1800 number isn’t just about enticing more customers to call a business. Virtual 1800 numbers can help save businesses money, time, and headaches by forwarding customer calls to any location it wants anywhere in the world. And because 1800 numbers aren’t hardwired to any one specific phone line, they can be used for many years to come. Some businesses look to optimize the use of virtual toll free number by connecting it to a central call center to lower costs, improve the training of reps, and raise the quality of customer care. 1800 numbers may also come with a number of additional features such as simultaneous and sequential ringing, hosted PBX, failover routing, and phone to email and fax.