1800 Numbers Improve Customer Satisfaction

800 Numbers Help Businesses Get Closer to Their Customers

The wide usage of internet, ecommerce, and social media is creating even more competition for products and services. To find new customers, smart companies need to look to new markets and provide a point of contact that customers can trust. This is where a 1-800 phone number can help. Toll free numbers reach out to the people, giving them such a channel, enticing them to communicate and extending the presence of a company.

For all the benefits that toll free numbers present for the customer, technological advances have made them easier to have and maintain. Toll free calls can be forwarded to a home office, mobile phone, or even a modest call center, no longer entailing large phone banks with overworked customer service representatives. Still, toll free numbers further a company’s effective reach, allowing a company to communicate with an audience they would have never been able to get before.

What to Consider Before Getting a Toll Free Number

How businesses answer these toll free numbers sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. Is there the proper coverage, and staff in place to support these new 1800 numbers? Has a call center been trained to support additional languages, dialects, and needs? Is there sufficient call forwarding, failover, and tracking in place? To support new customers, your 1800 number will only be as good as your operational plan supporting them.

Brands Get Boosts with 800 Numbers

A company’s brand can be supported in a number of ways. Businesses that focus on customer confidence find that that it is easier for people to engage with the brand and build a lasting relationship. Legitimacy is key, and toll free forwarding allows businesses to highlight their brand without having to rent office space or hire staff in additional locations.

Customizing a toll free number to create a message or a statement, a vanity number, creates a whole new ad campaign that potential customers will come to associate with the brand. At this point, the fact that it costs the caller nothing no longer matters. The number has created a lasting relationship with them, creating a  brand.