Australia Phone Number

An Australia Phone Number Could Be a Difference Maker

For a business looking to make a big splash in the land down under, one thing it should consider doing is offering customers a local or toll freeAustralia phone number, similar to a 1800 number in the US. For example, if a business is based out of London but is looking to expand to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or Brisbane, all it needs to do is to forward its new Australia phone number to its current UK phone number. No matter if the company is a start-up looking to dip its toe into the Australia market or a larger corporation that has identified Australia as its new strategic market, a virtual local or 1800 number is key to success. Australian customers don’t want to have to dial an international phone number or trust a business that appears to be from another country. Once a business activates a virtual Australian number, it can promote it in all offline and online promotional activities, including radio, TV, print, websites, and social media.

How Do Businesses Optimize an Australia Phone Number?

Companies can do research to understand new Australian customers and what they are looking for before activating an international phone numberin Australia. There are a number of factors to consider: activating a local or toll free number, and a variety of add-on features, including smart call forwarding, failover routing, call tracking, and hosted PBX. A company may also want to develop an operational game plan before activating anAustralia phone number, including the training of sales and call center staff, time zone coverage, and the ability to make Australian customers feel at home from a distant location.