Canada Phone Number

A Canada Phone Number Makes Sense for a Business Targeting Canadian Customers

Because of the internet and social media, people are connected more than ever with each other and businesses all over the world. Borders have less and less meaning, and companies discover that they can go into a new market such as Canada quickly and efficiently. One way for them to maximize their success, and minimize cost and risk, is to obtain a 1800 number or local Canada phone number. For example, if your business is based in India and you are looking to expand to North America, you can activate a toll free Canada and USA phone number and forward it to your existing phone system, or to any mobile phone, home office, or customer care center location in the world.

Activating a Canada Phone Number

Before a company begins promotional activities to find new customers in Canada it first may want to align its customer care, marketing, and sales strategy. For example, businesses can integrate a Canadian local or toll free number into their training and operational planning for sales and call center staff. No matter if a company is small or already multinational, it will want to support its new 1800 number or local Canada phone number with coverage in the right time zones, and French-speaking call center agents, depending on the part of the country being targeted. This could include linking the new Canada phone number into an updated IVR, increasing hours of operation, and implementing virtual call forwarding, failover routing, hosted PBX , and a way to track calls.