Detroit is now headed to face the Broncos

a team that is looking better now that Tim Tebow is calling the shots instead of Kyle Orton.Aaron Rodgers had some big shoes to fill when he stepped in as the quarterback for the Packers after the departure of Brett Favre, but after 3 outstanding seasons as a starter and a championship ring thanks to Green Bay victory at Super Bowl XLV, he is still proving that he is as talented as Favre, and proof of that is the current 7 0 record from the Packers, including their win from Sunday by 33 27 over the Vikings, where Rodgers scored three touchdowns and prevented Tim Tebow from winning his first NFL start.Steelers with victory over the CardinalsAnother quarterback that threw 3 touchdowns last night was Ben Roethlisberger, who helped the Steelers to their fifth victory of the season,oakley sunglasses this time over the Cardinals with a final score of 32 20. Big Ben also managed to throw the longest pass play in the history of the Pittsburgh franchise, a 95 yard pass that culminated in a touchdown by Mike Wallace, who is one of the current fastest receivers in the league. Now the Steelers are on their way to face a team with their same current record of 5 2 in the New Orleans Saints at week8, and it will be definitely interesting to see who is going to win the quarterbacks battle between Roethlisberger and Drew Brees..

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