Get a 1800 Number

Why Get a 1800 Number?

A toll free 1800 number is a critical marketing and customer service tool for businesses. It makes it easier for customers to reach the business (since the call is free to customers and can be made from anywhere) and it can be a critical part of a business’s marketing activities. Businesses need toget a 1800 number in order to have a single number that can be promoted across all local, national and even international marketing channels, such as websites, billboards and commercials. You may also choose to get a 1800 number that includes the letters of your business name, product or tagline.

Get a 1800 Number – Evaluating Service Providers

There are a number of ways for businesses both in the US and around the world to get a 1800 number. Many 1800 number service providers such as, Kall8 and Callture offer 1800 numbers. When evaluting where to get a 1800 number, it is important to look at a company’s full service offering. The best 1800 number service providers offer not only 1800 numbers, but also US local numbers and toll free numbers in other countries to help you expand your international customer base, as well as IVR, call forwarding, failover routing, hosted PBX, and other calling features.