Members said while consumers will likely see lower prices for shrimp in stores starting as soon as this fall, the price drop, overall, is not a good thing for the state’s seafood industry. The group reports a 65 percent drop in dockside shrimp revenue for this year. When shrimpers normally made close to $5 for a pound of large white shrimp in 2014, this year they could only pocket about $1.50 for that same pound..

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Despite such accusations, Levashov appears to have lived openly and lavishly in St. Petersburg, his hometown. He had a large home and bodyguards and traveled around town in an armored sedan, according to someone with knowledge of the investigation into his activities, who asked to remain anonymous because the information is confidential.

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Over the last two years, we have invested heavily in our content and technology. Also, we have India relevant technology, an example of which is the ‘download’ option. We were among the first to make TV shows, movies and sports content available for download, right from the beginning.

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