Toll Free Forwarding

What Is Toll Free Forwarding?

Businesses sometimes refer to toll free forwarding differently: call routing/hunting, find me/follow me, and follow the sun. It is simply the process of using a toll free virtual phone number and routing calls from that number back to any phone they choose. For example, if a business is based in Washington DC it can use a toll free number so that a phone number it advertises in Berlin, Germany, can be forwarded to a mobile phone, home office, US 1800 number, or call center back in DC, or any location the business directs the calls. There are also a number of other add-on options available. Toll free forwarding may include additional features such as dynamic caller ID, unlimited extensions, customizable voice menu (IVR), hosted PBX, simultaneous and sequential ringing, and international ringback tones.

Toll Free Forwarding to a 1800 Number Can Save Businesses Money, Time, and Resources

Getting new business is never easy. It is made even more difficult if potential customers face the prospect of dialing phone numbers they don’t recognize or, even worse, international phone numbers. With local or toll free forwarding, businesses don’t have to invest in expanding offices to other locations, or hiring sales or call center representatives in multiple cities or countries. Entrepreneurs can test new markets quickly and effectively. Larger companies can avoid the hassle of having to train reps all over the world. Many companies also use toll free forwarding as a way to test promotional materials by creating multiple 800 numbers so that they can see which one performs best.