Toll Free Number 1800

Toll Free Number 1800 Can Mean More Customers

Why is it important for a company to consider activating a toll free number 1800? Because customers respond to toll free numbers more strongly when highlighted in advertisements and promotions. This occurs for a number of reasons. A 1800 number can provide a potential customer with confidence that a brand is legitimate. It also demonstrates that a brand is national in scope even if located on the other side of the country, or even across the globe. Customers don’t want to have any reason to not call a business, and may mistrust a number with a prefix they don’t recognize. Even worse, an international phone number can confuse potential customers and scare them away before they even call it the first time. A toll free number 1800 can make small businesses more competitive with larger ones, and can help large corporations extend its reach in one or more countries.

How a Virtual Toll Free Number 1800 Works

So how do companies activate and maximize the use of a toll free number 1800? They start with understanding the basics. A virtual 1800 number can be used by a company to make it seem like it’s national or international, even if it is located in another city or distant country. Here’s how it works: if a company is located in Toronto, and wants to do business in Detroit all it needs to do is activate a toll free number 1800 and forward the phone calls from Detroit customers to its Toronto office, call center, or any location it chooses.