Toll Free Number

What Exactly Is a Toll Free Number?

A toll free number is a phone call that is free of charge for the calling party. It is also known as freecall or freephone, and prefixes in the United States include 1800, 1888, 1877, 1866, and 1855. Many countries use a toll free number for business purposes, but sometimes utilize a different prefix than those in the US. A company can feature a toll free number throughout marketing, sales, and advertising materials, including brochures, enewletters and emails, online ads and websites, event booths, and even on vehicles.

Toll Free Number – How It Evolved

When people think of the 1960s they think of advancements in arts and science. A toll free number, first called freephone, was launched in the UK at the General Post Office in 1960. It was later made available by AT&T as a 1800 USA phone number in 1967 with the purpose of helping operators manage the large queue of collect telephone calls. Businesses didn’t begin to really maximize its use until 1984, when the breakup of the Bell system made it less expensive to purchase and activate a 1800 phone number for branding, advertising, and direct response.

Brands Go International with a Toll Free Number

toll free number is a cost effective way to create an international presence for a brand. For example, if a company is located in the United Kingdom but wants to do business in Canada, it can forward a Canada phone number to a mobile line, home office, or call center. Toll free forwarding provides a brand signal that customers value, while reducing barriers to purchase. Also, a 1800 number can help build long-term brand value. Because it is not tied to any one provider, a business can utilize it in marketing efforts for many years to come.

Toll Free Number Tips for Businesses of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter if a business is just expanding to other locations or is multinational, a virtual 1800 number can provide customer care, sales, and marketing advantages. A virtual local or toll free number can be used by companies of all size to centralize call center and sales functions, saving on office, staffing, and training costs. Organizations can place a toll free telephone number throughout the sales process: on websites and online banners, in calls to action for online and traditional advertising, and for special or targeted promotions. Some companies use a toll free number 1800with easy-to-remember digits or a vanity spelling that supports the main brand. They also can assign a toll free number when testing an advertising campaign to see how it performs. Registering a toll free number at toll free directory assistance 1800-555-1212 can also provide additional leads.