USA Phone Number

Businesses Reach New Heights with a USA Phone Number

The United States is one of the most important markets in the world. Americans are trendsetters, have disposable income, and are willing to try new brands. If a company wants to expand to the United States from another country, it should consider purchasing a 1800 number or local USA phone number. For example, if a business is based in Mexico City, and it is looking to expand to Los Angeles, Phoenix, or Houston, it should consider activating a US number and forwarding it to its current phone system in Mexico. Customers in the US would see the local or toll free number, and never have to know that the business is based across the border.

Is a USA Phone Number Easy to Integrate?

When a business gets ready to expand into North America, it should be careful about the additional cost of opening up new offices or hiring sales, call center, or HR staff. So how do they get US and Canada customers without wasting money and time, or building new infrastructure? The answer is in proper planning, and integrating a toll free US and Canada phone number into the company’s strategic planning process. Once sales and call center reps are trained to handle the influx of calls from the 1800 number, then the marketing team can advertise a USA phone number on websites, online ads, and in traditional print and broadcast media. They can also connect a virtual USA phone number with a wide selection of smart call forwarding features such as simultaneous and sequential ringing, SIP (VoIP forwarding), international ringback tones, and day/time routing.